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Bringing In Coastal Home Colors

Bringing In Coastal Home Colors

Nov 10th 2023

Color in a bland home is an affordable upgrade that can give a sense of peace and serenity no matter the outside season. If you are already thinking about implementing a coastal theme throughout your house, you may need to add color to your walls. Think about coastal home colors like gray-green, turquoise blue, and sunshine yellows. These all can transform any room in your home into a seaside paradise. Read more on what colors are best for what you’re looking for based on your coastal décor.

Understanding Coastal Home Colors

Every shade of a coastal color means something, so make sure you decide on the right one that can be associated with a theme you may already have in your home or are thinking about putting in. For instance, if you’re looking for a more subtle ton of coastal, soft blues and greens, give off that natural vibe of the coast by representing the sky, sea, and sunshine. However, if you’re going for a more literal feel, like a nautical theme, you may want to pick a navy blue or dark grey because they have more depth and can add more dimension to your overall feel.

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Choosing the Right Coastal-Inspired Color Scheme

It’s more than just choosing a color for a specific room in your home. You’ll need to consider a color scheme that will evoke the feeling you’re looking for. Maybe even combine two to three colors to determine what would look best. If you’re looking for a more whimsical feel, think about putting in a bright yellow or even lavender to give off a soothing atmosphere, then accent it with cream or off-white.

Applying Wallpaper and Accents

Another thing people don’t often think about now is incorporating wallpaper. Wallpaper seems to be a somewhat dated coastal décor trend, but it’s returning in popularity. Not only because it’s stylish, but it’s also a lot easier and less time-consuming than painting. Wallpapers and other accents can make your room or a specific wall stand out while also giving off the interpretation of coastal living, depending on your pattern. Bella Coastal has tons of wall accents to choose from that can make your wallpaper and coastal colors pop!

Adding Details to Highlight Your Theme

Another great way to make your room more coastal is to add beachy accessories like seashells, plants, and driftwood. These natural elements can make your guests feel right on the water while sitting in your living room and can be great conversation starters. Check out all the different seashell décor Bella Coastal Décor has!

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Summary of Coastal Decor in Your Home

Overall, coastal home colors are a great and easy way to change up the entire mood of your home. By knowing what colors are out there and what looks great together, you can better understand what works within your home. Make sure to add natural elements like seashells or driftwood to your rooms to create a more realistic feel. Also, adding a coastal throw blanket or plush pillows with beachy hues doesn't hurt to support your aesthetic better. Whenever you decide on your coastal home color, go to Bella Coastal Décor to shop for your coastal décor and accessories to help finish creating your own beachfront paradise!

Updated on 3.11.2024