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What is Coastal Chic Design?

What is Coastal Chic Design?

Aug 11th 2023

Coastal chic is a new style on the classic beach aesthetic. Beach décor is all about creating a feeling using the elements like sand, water, and sky that blend together. Think of blues, yellows, and white colors that can bring this laid-back coastal vibe. Read more on how to incorporate coastal-inspired products within your home to create the perfect amount of a coastal chic theme! Bella Coastal Décor is here to help!

Why is Coastal Chic is Growing in Popularity

Believe it or not, coastal décor continues to grow throughout the years. Coastal chic is becoming even more popular among homeowners because it’s a great way to combine modern design with coastal relaxation. Natural colors and textures are primary elements in coastal chic and can make even your most boring rooms look like a vacation. With the right beach decor, coastal chic is effortless to achieve and can be super versatile so that you can customize it exactly how you want it.

How to Incorporate Coastal Chic Into Your Home Décor

One of the first things you can do to incorporate coastal chic within the home is select 2-3 colors that evoke the place or feeling you want. For instance, if you're giving a room a sense of the ocean, colors like green, light blue, and sandy brown are great colors to start with. Also, consider what furniture you’d like in that room and how much it can go with those initial colors. There are many options for furniture pieces like nautical-inspired chairs or seashell-decorated tables.

Another way to bring coastal chic into your room is to have some natural material. This could be something like seagrass or jute to bring that coastal feel. You don’t always have to get real seagrass, either. You could have fake seagrass plants that still carry the same vibes. Also, don’t forget to have the right lighting. This can really help bring a room together. Try using well-lit fixtures that have a relaxed, coastal feeling.

Key Pieces for Achieving the Coastal Look

We’ve discussed a little about how different furniture pieces and natural materials can help your space exude a coastal chic look, but there are also other key pieces at play. Think of large coastal area rugs in your living room to tie everything together and maybe even coastal art pieces. You will want to intrigue and inspire your guests, and what better way to do so than wall décor? It can also increase the value of your property. If you’re considering selling your property, beautiful coastal décor is great to attract potential buyers and help stand out from the competition.


You now know how to style your home to achieve the trending “coastal chic” style. Don’t forget to add natural elements, coastal colors, and key pieces like furniture, rugs, and more to reflect this sought-after theme. Bella Coastal Décor is a great place to start shopping for some of these products. So make sure to check us out online. Your home will thank you!