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5 Coastal Bathroom Ideas to Change Up Your Style

5 Coastal Bathroom Ideas to Change Up Your Style

Jul 12th 2023

Do you think that your bathroom needs a design upgrade? Coastal style is easy to achieve, bringing a fresh, light look to your bathroom. It has a beachy palette with specific textures. Here are five coastal bathroom ideas to help get you started!

Use Light and Airy Colors to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Colors from the ocean are some of the most relaxing things you can add to a bathroom. Think of setting a scene with oceany blues, sandy beiges, and a crisp seafoam white to create a calm atmosphere. Also, try yellows or playful oranges if you need a pop of color. Try arranging these colors through furniture pieces, bath towels, or any other coastal accessory you’d like to add.

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Incorporate Nautical-Themed Accents for Visual Interest

The nautical theme is a given with coastal décor. Look for sailing ships or starfish mirrors to resemble this nautical aesthetic. Also, think about accentuating your shelves with buoys or whales and dolphins. This can give your bathroom a little extra personality while keeping the fresh coastal theme.

Add Texture with Natural Materials like Wicker and Seagrass

Nothing says “coastal” quite like natural materials! Bring the outdoors in by using wicker baskets or seagrass. These options add texture to your bathroom and help invent a calming tone while mimicking nature’s beauty. Also, woven rugs and seashells are a great décor accessory to place in the room.

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Use Mirrors to Reflect the Beauty of the Coastline

Mirrors are kind of essential in a bathroom, but you don’t have to be limited by the standard mirror. Check out large mirrors that can reflect the beauty of the coastline or a seashell-framed mirror. This can give the bathroom a delicate look, making it a great choice for an illusion of space. Try to match the mirror with the overall color scheme you have in the room already. For example, a white mirror would really pop on a light blue wall!

Hang Artwork Related to Ocean Life on Your Walls

People love to see what type of artwork you have in your home, especially your bathroom! Hang up prints or paintings that depict sea creatures like seagulls, dolphins, turtles, and more. Also, vintage or yellow-tinted maps of coastal towns or beaches are great for people to gawk at. Don’t be afraid to mix and match maps with sea creatures and vice versa. People love looking at appealing art of all kinds!


Upgrading bathrooms isn’t as hard of a feat as one would think. You can make your bathroom coastal in just a day or two with a few updates! Use light, beach-inspired colors, incorporate nautical accents, texture, and natural materials, and hang up your favorite ocean-life artwork. These are just a few tips to really keep it inviting to your coastal-lover guests. Don’t forget to shop at Bella Coastal Décor for all the accessories you’d need to make your space capture the beach.