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How To Rent a Beach House

How To Rent a Beach House

Jul 26th 2021

How to Rent a Beach HouseAfter the pandemic's long lockdowns and rigid restrictions, everyone is ready to be somewhere else for some vacation time. A popular option for full relaxation is to rent a beach house with family and friends.

What's the best way to rent a beach house and keep everyone happy? A little bit of planning and open communication should do the trick! Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind when you're looking to rent a beach house.

1. Set a Budget

The most important part of any beach house rental is knowing your budget. Whether it's just your immediate family or a larger group, determine how much each person can contribute per night and stick to that total amount.

2. Plan Sleeping Arrangements

Depending on who you're traveling with, this could be a slightly awkward conversation, but it's helpful to know ahead of time who might be willing to share beds and where family members can expect to sleep. It's easier to search for somewhere that will be the right size when you have this information upfront.

3. Decide on Amenities

Do most people going on the trip also want to relax by a pool? What about kitchen size, recreational amenities, laundry, and grill? Make sure the place you pick offers the amenities that will help everyone to relax.

4. Determine Distances

There is a major difference between a property being "beachfront" and "beach view." That's why it's a good idea to get the exact address of a beach house and then use Google Maps street view to get a sense of distance—not just to the beach but also to the store, restaurants, and other activities.

This can also help you to answer questions about parking, which can be important when you have multiple vehicles.

5. Read Reviews

Any property rental platform worth its (sea) salt will provide prospective renters with past reviews. It might take a little time to sift through them, but it's well worth it to know about others' experiences with the place.

6. Ask Questions

Speaking of questions, don't be afraid to ask the owner any questions you have about the property. Is the property fenced in for kids and pets? Is the kitchen stocked with all the essentials? This information can make your stay more enjoyable.

7. Sign an Agreement

Just like with any other major transaction, you'll want to guarantee everything is in legal order so you don't have to worry about getting scammed. The best way to do this is to sign an agreement for the rental. This puts everything on paper so that all parties know what to expect.

8. Take Photos Upon Arrival

After all that legwork, the last thing you'll need to do is arrive at your chosen beach house and take photos right away. Documenting the condition of the rental inside and out upon arrival will help to avoid any disputes or security deposit problems when it's time to check out.

In Conclusion

Follow these steps from Bella Coastal Decor to learn how to rent a beach house. You'll end up at the perfect location where you can enjoy your time off. The right amount of preparation and communication can make a world of difference for your next vacation!