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How to Decorate with Seashells

How to Decorate with Seashells

Apr 3rd 2023

Are you looking to add a touch of the beach to your home without all the sand? Seashell decorations can be an excellent and creative way to bring some coastal vibes into any space. Whether you live near the ocean or are just dreaming about it, read on for tips and tricks to incorporate seashells into your coastal décor!

Collect Seashells from Your Beach Trips

Seashells are the perfect souvenir to pick up on a beach trip: they're free and can be fun to collect! After you've gathered a bunch of seashells, you can make seashell art for your home - think seashell-adorned sculptures, seashell garlands, or even seashell games. Seeing them around the house will always bring back memories from your beach trip.

They are also like nature's endless variety pack – just waiting for your crafty touch. Seashells are budget-friendly and eco-conscious, which is great because you can use them as much as you want without feeling the guilt of overpaying.

Hang Shell Garland Along your Windows and Door Frames

Try hanging something like a seashell hanging canopy around windows and door frames for an instant coastal effect! Place them in your entrance, and voilà! You've got your guests' eyes hooked right away. The combination of colors in seashells will create a vibrant atmosphere, and the reflection of the light that comes through can cast interesting shadows for an extra decorative vibe.

Create a Statement Wall with Various Sizes of Shells

Next time you’re at the beach, make sure to gather a range of seashells in various sizes and shapes and start creating. You can easily come up with a unique design style that will give your home a refreshing overall aesthetic.

Be creative – stack some shells on top of each other by their size when laying them down or lay them in waves, or even create fringed patterns. You’ll have an eye-catching seashell focus wall that might even have people thinking you’re an interior designer!

Frame Small Seashells and Hang Them on the Wall as Art

Everyone knows seashells have long been associated with beachy summer vibes. By framing seashells in pretty art frames and displaying them on your wall, you can easily bring a bit of seaside style into any room. In addition, seashell decorations will surely make your space more captivating, especially when combined with family photos and other art on a gallery wall.

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Place Shells in Glass Bowls and Incorporate them in your Living Room

Another great decorating tip is to think about displaying seashells in glass bowls around your space. The glassy backdrop sets the perfect stage for those fascinating shells to show off their chic features and hues.

Whether you go for a solo shell show or an ensemble in multiple bowls, you'll have your guests feeling beachy in any room. Plus, seashells are incredibly easy objects to work with and will make your home feel brighter and cozier than before.


Crafting coastal décor items with seashells is an excellent way to create a calming and stylish space! So as you create a coastal retreat inside your own four walls, enjoy every moment. If you're looking for all kinds of wonderful coastal decor and accessories, check out Bella Coastal Decor for hundreds of items to peruse!

Updated 3.11.2024