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Exploring Frequent Themes in Coastal Art

Exploring Frequent Themes in Coastal Art

Jan 8th 2024

Art all over the world has been inspired by the coastal hues and landscape for hundreds of years. There's no question that the sea and its surroundings hold a somewhat timeless beauty, but why is it so popular? This blog will discuss well-known art themes like sailboats, nautical seashells, and more as we dive deeper into the coastal art world. Read on for more!

Nautical Nostalgia

Nautical nostalgia is one of the most popular recurring themes in coastal art. When you're in an art gallery in a coastal city or island, nine times out of ten, you'll come across sailboats, sails, or other sea travel art decor. A lot of artists often use sailboats as a symbol of freedom or exploration. Most people who own a coastal space decorate their walls with these kinds of themes to make themselves or their guests feel like they're on a journey. Coastal decor should tell a story, and nautical nostalgia can do just that.

Tranquility and Serenity

When people walk into a coastal home, the first thing they see are soft colors. Coastal art often uses these colors to bring the feelings of tranquility and serenity. Soft color palettes or pastels can remind us of waves or some sort of calm, serene presence. The way that the sun reflects off of the surface can create tons of different colors to incorporate in your living space. Artists also take this as inspiration to draw the oceans hues, sunsets, and other diverse coastal color palettes.

Adventure and Exploration

We’ve discussed how infamous sailboats are to coastal art themes but they depict so much more than one would think. Sailboats and other similar nautical symbols can bring a sense of adventure to wall art and an overall coastal home décor theme. Wanderlust is a feeling that is often used in offices or living rooms to encourage guests and home residents to embrace the spirit of discovery. It can often make you feel a sense of motivation or even seek new things in our own lives just from the underlying feeling alone.

Coastal Communities

Communities in coastal art are vast and thrive in this day and age. Artists tend to stick together when they’re trying to capture an essence of coastal life, often while painting sailboat wall art. Portraying daily routines of lives living on the coast can give viewers a glimpse of serenity and what it’s really like if they aren’t already familiar with this kind of lifestyle.

Weather and Atmosphere of Coastal Decor

Weather is a huge component of coastal art. When you are looking at a beach painting, most of the time, there’s a certain weather condition portrayed in the background. When sailboats are in the mix, there’s even more of a chance that the atmosphere surrounding it is either moody clouds or bright blue skies. When you’re working with the ocean, weather can be a huge component of what the waves look like. For instance, if you’re creating high waves, you’ll need to show stormy seas with possible thunder and dark skies. Or if you want calm waters, a warm sky with a radiating sunset can give you the same feeling.


Overall, coastal art is incredibly important to artists and creators around the world. Sailboats, specifically, aren’t going away anytime soon because who doesn’t love the feeling of adventure and exploration? These things create a wide range of themes and emotions. If you’re interested in creating the same feeling within your own home, check out Bella Coastal Décor’s wall hangings and more!

Updated on 03.11.2024