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Casual Touches for Your Coastal Christmas Décor

Casual Touches for Your Coastal Christmas Décor

Dec 1st 2020

Casual Touches for Your Coastal Christmas DécorWith neutral tones and beachy vibes, you might not think coastal décor necessarily lends itself to a bright, colorful, and cozy Christmas. Actually, there are plenty of ways to create stunning holiday tableaus in your home when you're working with bright and airy coastal décor. Whether it's snowing and blowing outside, or you've got a view of sun and surf for the season, here are a few gorgeous touches to create a jolly, but casual Christmas.

A White Christmas

Whitewashing is one of the many notable hallmarks of coastal design, and it can help to inform your seasonal style. Norman Rockwell may have depicted Christmas in saturated shades of red, green, and gold, but that doesn't mean you have to get to work painting the walls and replacing furniture just to enjoy this end-of-year holiday.

A white Christmas is a much better option for homes featuring coastal décor, and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go all white. You just want to stick with a largely neutral palette, accented by color here and there.

Instead of the traditional Christmas tree decked out in a riot of colorful lights and ornaments, adopt a strategy that features white lighting, ornaments and décor in whites, tans, and metallics (silver and gold), and hints of subdued red and green (think mulberry and hunter green).

You might also opt for a flocked tree so the dark green doesn't stand out like an eyesore. While you could do an all-white Christmas tree, this verges on thematic overkill, so make sure you keep a little color in the mix.

Natural Elements

Part of perfecting your beachy design is incorporating outside elements, and you can use this tactic when choosing Christmas ornaments and other decorations. Again, stick with a palette that features whites, creams, tans, and metallics.

Elements in wood and rattan are always a plus, so look for crafty additions like pine cone ornaments for the tree, holiday signage on weathered planks, and even artsy tree cutouts in wood that you can display around the home. Use butcher paper and twine to wrap gifts, and don't forget to add natural garlands and wreaths for a bit of color and the sweet smell of pine.

Keep it Comfortable

A casual, comfortable vibe permeates the coastal aesthetic, and this is ideal for creating a cozy Christmas setting. Fuzzy throws, punched down pillows, and the addition of extra floor seating like poufs to accommodate holiday guests is ideal. Don't forget to add plenty of holiday candles to enjoy the scent of pine, cinnamon, and baked goods and help foster a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In Conclusion

You needn't forego the joys of holiday season just because your home features seemingly incompatible coastal décor. With a white palette, natural elements, and commitment to comfort, you'll have a perfectly cozy coastal Christmas.