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Brown Carpet Bringing Down Your Beach Vibe

Brown Carpet Bringing Down Your Beach Vibe

Jan 1st 2021

Brown Carpet Bringing Down Your Beach VibeThere's a reason so many homes feature brown carpeting, ranging from tan on the light end to rich, warm chocolate tones. It not only adds warmth that mimics the hues of natural wood flooring (without the cost or the cold, hard surface underfoot), but it also hides everything, from dust and dander to stains caused by spilled food or dirt tracked in from outside.

While brown carpeting is ideal for busy homes with kids and pets, or for homeowners who simply don't like to vacuum too frequently, it isn't really the best complement to light, airy, beach décor. If you want to bring a laid-back, coastal vibe into your living spaces, but brown carpeting is getting in the way, here are just a few tips to achieve your interior design goals without having to replace your carpet.

Tone Down the Whitewash

One of the most common hallmarks of coastal décor is a whitewashed look, including bright, white walls, pale wood flooring, and light-colored furniture and décor. It's all about that sun-blasted ambience.

You don't necessarily need to subscribe to this white-out mentality, though, to get the beachy appeal you crave. If you're working with brown carpet that will stand out like a sore thumb next to all that white, all you have to do is take the brightness down a notch to create a gradient feel.

Instead of white walls, choose a cream or sand color that complements the warmth of the carpeting while still adding lightness to the room. For furnishings, skip the white slipcovers in favor of mid-tones like tans for seating and choose wooden accent pieces that are pale or golden, as opposed to the faded grays of driftwood.

Adding pops of color with pillows and vases in nautical tones (sea foam green, cerulean blue, and navy, for example) can add to the range of dark-to-light tones and help to create a seamless transition from dark flooring to lighter elements.

Carefully Consider Beachy Accessories

Hurricane glasses filled with shells are apropos for coastal style homes, as are pieces of bleached driftwood and coral, jars of crushed sea glass, old oars and boat parts, and fishing nets, just for example. While you can definitely incorporate such items into your design, think about choosing pieces that help to bridge the gap between brown carpeting and lighter colors in your décor.

Instead of relying on glass bowls or vases to display shells or sea glass, consider using woven baskets or wooden bowls in tones ranging from light to dark. If you're going to add wooden elements like oars, driftwood, or even a ship's wheel, look for darker wood tones instead of pale. Try to find fishing floats in rich, saturated hues instead of the lighter, turquoise tones that are more common, or at least use a combination of pale and dark.

In Conclusion

It's not as hard as you think to imbue your home with a beach vibe, even when you're working with brown carpeting. With the right mix of elements in a range of tones, you'll get the airy appeal you crave with the practical carpeting you prefer.