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Beach Wall Art – The Ultimate Coastal Décor!

Beach Wall Art – The Ultimate Coastal Décor!

Jul 7th 2022

Beach wall art can include many different styles or themes, making it ideal for just about any home by the water. From scenic beach landscapes to playful, colorful scenes, beach wall art is a wonderful way to add the ultimate coastal flair to your décor.

Whether you want to capture the beauty of nature or create a fun and inviting space, beach wall art is a great way to do it.

Beach Wall Art

How to Pick Out Beach Wall Art for Your Home

First, consider the overall atheistic you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to convey a natural, organic feel or love a nautical theme; look for beach wall art that reflects your current space. Beach art can take the form of 3D driftwood sculpture from traditional paintings to more modern photography. Beach wall art is more than a coastal scene; it can be created with materials or colors that involve seaside feelings as well.

Next, consider your space. Sprawling coastal murals can quickly overtake a small room. Pro tip: we recommend using painters’ tape as a stand-in for the size of the coastal art you are considering. That way, you can get a feel for the actual size on the wall before ordering. Consider a sweeping coastal mural if you want your beach wall art to be more of a focal point.

For smaller spaces, such as an entranceway or bathroom, think outside of traditional beach wall art. Again, beach wall art doesn’t have to be a classic painting; it can be an octopus mirror or a beach-themed clock, subtly adding to the overall beachy style of your home.

Pay Attention to Color and Subject Matter

If the rest of your home has been decorated with soft hues of blue and green, adding a brightly colored beach scene print can distract from the rest of your décor. You want your beach wall art to blend with the space. While a wall can be a focal point, you want onlookers to notice it for the right reasons and not have it stand out for the wrong ones.

When it comes to beach wall art, the subject matter can be just as important as size and color. If you live in a northern lake retreat, a palm tree print may not fit with the rest of your décor. Living at the beach is not guaranteed that a painting of a Mediterranean seascape will add to the décor scheme. The subject matter and colors should pair well with the rest of your home.

Tropical vs. Coastal Décor

The difference between tropical and coastal décor can be difficult to distinguish. Both styles share a love for beach life, but where the tropical style emphasizes palm trees and vibrant colors, the coastal style is more subdued.

If you're unsure which style to choose, look at your home's overall aesthetic. If it's on the beachier side, with nautical touches here and there, then coastal beach wall art would be a great addition. If your home is more tropical in feel, with palm trees, flamingos, and bold colors, then go for beach wall art with similar vibes.

Final Thoughts

Beach wall art is a terrific way to add a touch of coastal flair to your home. Whether you want to capture the beauty of nature or create a fun and inviting space, beach wall art is a perfect way to do it. Shop at Bella Coastal Décor for coastal art, wall hangings, nautical accessories, and more!